Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I like playing the game "Civilizations III". It's the one and only electronic game I play. I imagine creating a beautiful country in the north, with glorious mountains, spectacular coastlines, and magnificent rivers and lakes. Great cities steeped in culture, built on awesome lands and linked by a remarkable network of roads abound. Tracing the civilisation through the passage of time, through the course of history, I gradually build my nations, nations of proud and happy folk.

After building nations for a while, I have stopped. I created two beautiful lands, proudly displayed below for all to see. Oh, the majestic, towering mountain ranges and the wild, wonderful coasts.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Ridgeline films is here. Nice to see!

By the Light

This morning a man walked up to me with a bucket that read, "Help feed women and children, Prov xx:xx" while I was at a stoplight. He asked if I wanted to "help spread the word of God".

I didn't really have a good answer for him then. But after thinking for a bit, I think I know what to say the next time! I'll say, with a smile, "Does the word of God include social equality for gay people?"

I wanted to help.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

East End Bay, St Croix

I went skinny dipping today at a deserted bay at the east end of St Croix. Nobody was there! The sandy strip on the south shore of the island nearest to the pointed end, that's where I was. Tomorrow I may go to Jack or Isaac Bay, equally deserted beaches.

This trip to St Croix has been good. On the sidebar of this page, at the top, you can see some words I wrote today. I thought of them this morning.

I read my "Big Book of Jobs" on the pier deck this evening. I'm happy, I found my dreams again -- they were there, they were there.