Friday, March 10, 2017

List of Hottest Hot Muscle Dudes Ever

Hottest Hot Muscle Dudes ever:-

(1) "Patrick", Asian American, UC Berkeley 2002-03
(2) "Jeff", Abercrombie model, West Valley San Jose 2005
(3) European hot muscle dude at the Evans Pool 2009
(4) Mat Wolf / UBC lifeguard, UBC pool Mar 9, 2017
(5) Perfect shirtless muscular sweaty "German-American", Calrose bathroom, 2015?

Hot Muscle Dude list (Dec 17, 2017)

(1) (Dec 17, 2017): Kallang Aquatic Centre, reminds me of Beaudoin; tall, muscular, American athletic face and head, Indiana and Maryland

Sunday, July 06, 2014

San Francisco and Vancouver June 2014

Sunday, August 18, 2013

List of hot muscle dudes

(Refer to previous posts, esp. starting from September 23, 2012)

(August 18, 2013: SAFRA Yishun) Tall, muscular bodybuilder (Chinese) who was rather good-looking, as far as I can tell. This is a place where all the guys into gyms congregate. Many are not all that good-looking.

(June 6, 2014: Mohammed Sultan Road) White guy with hot, muscular shoulders and arms and a nice tan in a black tank top coasting down River Valley Road on a bicycle. Who did he resemble? He had the seriousness on his face of Fratmen's Trevor and bore a resemblance to a more chiseled version of Steve Hooper. What was he doing in Singapore? He looked American. Singapore is a magnet for European, North American and Australian professionals, a wealthy, highly developed city offering lucrative careers and a blend of different Asian cultures, all in a rather uncomfortably sweaty and sterile environment. Outside looking in or inside looking out?

(December 27, 2014: Holland Village) Tall, muscular Chinese guy who made me recall Benedict Goh, but I think this dude is better looking, with softer, closer eyes, and softer cheekbones. Now I think he has a Korean-style look, with the hair, and the shape of the face somewhat reminiscent of the guy working at the gym in the Park Hyatt in Seoul.

(Back in 1999/2000: Tanjong Pagar - added December 29, 2014) As I am in the process of thinking about Chinese guys from the past, I recall this guy from a long time ago all of a sudden. It must have been in the year 1999, or shortly after, when I was having dinner at a fancy and dimly lit restaurant in the trendy/gay part of town, with my university friends who were all back on vacation as well. This hugely muscular and tall dude - he looked so muscular it couldn't have seemed normal to anyone - with a handsome face but also what one would call a "dao" look in the local Chinese vernacular, he was really sexy to me at the time. Like others who struck me, he popped up in my mind just now.

(January 16, 2015: Evans Road Sports Center) Guy playing basketball. Great muscular body, solid muscular shoulders and pecs, nice abs, great skin color, fair, white and glowing. Narrow face with a mixed white-Chinese look, perhaps more white than Chinese.

(May 11, 2015: Evans Road Sports Center) Chinese guy playing volleyball. Athletic, muscular, tight body, broad shoulders, nice pecs and abs, tanned skin color. Handsome face, like an athletic version of a Hong Kong TV star.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thick, dark eyebrows, large eyes, deep gaze, fair skin

Just wanted to mention 2 guys with the stuff I mention in the title of this post. The guy at the Stevens Rd bus stop a few months ago, and the guy who happens to be one of my co-workers.

Another guy that I thought of tonight, the one I saw outside Plaza Singapura in 2009 soon after I came back - tall with broad, square shoulders, muscular but lean, with good-looking thighs.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hot muscle dudes I saw tonight

Sometimes I don't spot anyone hot on the streets for days, but tonight I saw two (and they were not at the swimming pool). The first was probably a European guy with blond hair waiting outside the Botanic Gardens - he was tall and muscular, I would say. The second guy was a Singaporean guy at Holland Village - he looked like he could have played rugby in Junior College, tall and muscular too (but with an Asian build rather than a European one, if you know what I mean).

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Something to take random shots of hot dudes with?

I'm taking the flight from San Francisco to Singapore via Hong Kong, coming back from a business trip. I see a hot dude on the same flight, in business class, apparently traveling with his co-workers. He looks like he could star in a James Bond film, tall, muscular, tanned skin, light brown hair. (Though, when I pass by his seat, I see that he does not exactly have washboard abs like Nick Auger.) A cellphone camera would've come in handy. In the (far) future, a cellphone camera would happen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Something about buses that happened last year

I have been wanting to post this for some time. I keep thinking I've already done it -- perhaps I've written this down somewhere else?

Late last year (maybe November or December), I took bus no. 75 and then a transfer to work. While waiting for the transfer, I saw five bus no. 105's pass by. This was at the bus stop along Scotts Rd. I think I also saw perhaps three bus no. 7's, two bus no. 174's, 77's, 106's, 123's. I think all this must have started to happen along Holland or Napier Rd, at the Botanic Gardens stop, maybe. It was really funny how this could have happened. It still seems surreal.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thoughts at the end of 2012

So happy that Obama won the election and for all the wonderful gay marriage triumphs. I hope this is the start of more progress.

So many topics to blog about that remain unblogged.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thoughts on September 22, 2012

(One) The best-looking men I’ve ever seen: (1) Berkeley, 2003: The Asian-American dude, handsome, tall, muscular, that I followed, wanting to take a picture of, who confronted me; (2) San Jose, 2005: The white A&F model, handsome, tall, muscular, that I unintentionally provoked, out of naiveté and unwitting thoughtlessness; (3) after I came out, at the swimming pool in Bukit Timah, 2010: The white guy, handsome, tall, muscular, who wasn’t great at swimming; (4) the National University of Singapore basketball court, 2010: the shirtless guy playing basketball while I was on my way to practice my tennis against the wall, who was handsome, tall, muscular, but leaner; (5) at Holland Village on September 21, 2012: The guy in pink, with the expressive eyes and, in particular, eyebrows, the handsomest, happiest smile, a beautiful shape of the face, and smooth, fair, skin. The first two were straight, the fourth unknown but probably as well, the third and fifth, uncertain.

(Two) For every one handsome, muscular guy on TV, or who is a model, there are a thousand handsome, muscular guys who are not. For every thousand handsome, muscular guys, there are a million plain-looking ones.

(Three) A while ago, as I was looking for pictures of beautiful places in Europe, I chanced upon a blog called Joel’s Cultural Learnings. A particular line in the post on January 19, 2008, quoting somebody else who said “you will come home a more cultured person, but also a much more militant American”, I did not agree with, though I understood the viewpoint. Perhaps it is a matter of a person’s background, experiences, temperament, and, maybe, acceptance of different behavioral norms, for lack of a better description.

(Four) I remember reading a New York Times article on political news, sometime in 2010 or 2011, whose particular content discussed tax policy. A conservative commenter said that the fairest way to tax was to have, if I recall correctly, the same rate across all incomes, because, he said, whenever he asked liberals if they were for a progressive tax structure, how much more should rich people be taxed, nobody could ever give an answer. I still haven’t found a clever answer to this, but I suppose Barney Frank would be able to find one.

October 7, 2012: Other handsome, tall, muscular guys of mention: (1) at Roland Garros 2007: very fair, short, cropped hair, white with a tinge of mixed features, sophisticated look; (2) Mark Napier, from Purdue; (3) at the Frederick Y: the Clay Comer-lookalike; (4) October 10, 2012: outside the Forum Galleria, the tall, fair guy, who looked handsome and muscular from afar, and who appeared to be white with traces of mixed features, somewhat reminiscent of the guy at Roland Garros 2007, and perhaps even more so of Vancouver; (5) October 28, 2012: I suddenly recalled the swimmer dude on St Croix in February 2009 (or was it in December 2008) at the 50-meter pool, fair, young, college-aged face.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Tennis Aug 31, 2012

Photo from moo's tennis blog

Friday evening, I played tennis. My forehand and backhand were tentative, and I lapsed into my old habit of hitting without enough clearance at tense moments, especially on the backhand, even though I like to hit with topspin most of the time.

I've begun to adopt the following points to be better. Thursday night, I'll go to bed early so that I'll feel refreshed for tennis on Friday. On Sunday, I'll practice serves before the others arrive and focus on groundstrokes thereafter. Nights before bedtime, I'll play "shadow tennis", about 10 to 20 forehand, backhand and service motions. And on Friday, I'll practice my new habits during games.

My new habits are to hit forehands and backhands with enough clearance, making use of spin which I like, and especially to remember to do so at tense moments. Favor cross-court shots for more margin, remembering to hit with enough clearance. Change ball direction only when the pace of the oncoming shot allows (i.e., is slow enough). Remember to keep the body stable when preparing and hitting shots using the legs.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Tennis May 4, 2012

I shall hit all serves, forehands and backhands with much spin.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tennis, Swimming

This Saturday, I'll practice tennis backhands and forehands against the wall and serves, instead of swim. On Tuesday, I'll do the same thing too, since it's a holiday. I'll swim on Monday.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Thoughts on April 7, 2012

Sometimes, as I am walking from the bus stop back home at night, or from the swimming pool to the bus stop after swimming in the evening, I think of things to write on my blog. Then I make a note on my desk of the things to write.

Today it is a rainy day. I love rainy days here in Singapore, except when I am to play tennis, or if there's thunder and lightning preventing me from swimming. I love cool, rainy days. I really miss cold weather. It is my wish someday to go back to the land of cold weather.

I want to write on my blog today and I'm writing it, but I don't yet want to write about the things I made a note of.

Monday, June 06, 2011

A boy's story, buried like the others before him, half told

I ask myself, what can we do to help? It is perhaps at such moments that we feel helpless.

A sad story of abuse of disabled children in the state system.

May a ray of hope and love shine on all in their darkest hours.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I just don't listen

There was a Hong Kong drama on TV in which one of the characters said that "sexual orientation can change or can be changed" during a discussion of homosexuality in the plot. Guess they can get away with that in these parts of the world.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Thoughts in May 2011

I was thinking about what I said when I first came back to Singapore, 2 years ago now. About how conversations here never seem to be much more than about numbers, money,... is this how it is, is this how Singapore seems.

LGBT in Singapore, their (lack of) rights, the (short) history, the nonsense, is this why I won't stay?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Flashes in my Mind

Sometimes scenes of my life, from long ago, flash vividly in my mind. Childhood times, somewhere in Indiana - many places, images of San Francisco, the bright blue sky, brilliant sun shining on hills curving away on St Croix, lost in a fairy-tale European city, at a street corner in a make-believe town with buildings like those in Frederick, or New York, underneath a beautiful white snow blanket, people in dark green down jackets.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

San Francisco, June 10th to 16th, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Crying when I met you

The orange glow of the unfettered Californian sun, from its low perch near the horizon still above the san franciscan rowhouses, basked all the men and women on the streets of San Francisco as I strode up the incline in the Castro, the cold wind that I remember always and well caressing, brushing, whipping us.

He was dressed in a solid black T-shirt and chequered dark reddish-on-white shorts, and was walking brisking down the incline in the cold evening with his small dog as I passed him. He was as tall as Dan and had the same dark eyes and fine features, while his build, haircut and the shape of his fine head resembled that of the young ironman in Frederick. He stopped outside the trendy Mexican grill while his friend, or so I thought, was inside. I walked by him again, on purpose. Did he have the same pensive look as the one Dan sported during that time in Purdue?

Later, as I sat on the streetcar trundling its way up the San Franciscan thoroughfare, the chilling wind blowing in my face, I dreamed myself asking him, telling him, that he resembled a friend of mine, and that I can't get you out of my mind, tell me your name. People, my friend and travel companion, I did not notice as dreamy San Francisco flashed by the windows. I imagined and fantasized his life in San Francisco, and I dreamed my life in San Francisco, and behind those wet eyes, I dreamed.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tennis reflection III

Played tennis yesterday but wasn't too happy with the quality of my tennis. Here are some of my thoughts in retrospect.

Serve: I actually got to the court a lot early and practiced the serve some. I thought the practice serves were decent, I tried to hit them consistently with some spin and some power. But when I got to the games, they became weaker and erratic. I think perhaps I need to just calm down and hit them like in practice.

Forehand: Somehow I feel that I am rushed for time during games, when during practice rallies I could hit them with more power, spin and accuracy. I think the key is to hit them with a smooth stroke and better timing, so the racquet head speed would be much quicker and less preparation time would be needed.

Backhand: It's getting better, but I must remember to hit with the correct stroke and arc on lower balls, just like Gasquet in the picture.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Verträumt, träumerisch

As usual so much stuff to write, but those thoughts once past don't come back to let one write them down, they just fade in and out of one's mind.

Ich bin ein Tagträumer, so kann man sagen auf Deutsch. I like to write things down, all manner of things, as I might have mentioned before, I keep a neat little notebook of all the important things. Then I write random private thoughts in my diary. And when I want to own up to no one in particular, no one I know, I write here. So I am a daydreamer. I write stuff. My thoughts.

Can I say perhaps, that my life is going well, the real life and not the life that floats around like clouds in my daydreams? I hold on to my writings and my notebooks and my little things like they are markers of my existence, in the real life and in the life of daydreams. All that stuff that I wrote down is already there, but I am afraid to lost the writings and with that the stuff and perhaps one of my lives. I flip them open often and maybe I do so obsessively, just to see the stuff and the writings, and to assure myself that they're still there. So the real life goes on well perhaps, but the life of daydreams goes on floating forever.

My life of daydreams lets me know that I am forever a wannabe. I wanna be all the stuff that I write down, but I may never get there. I wonder about Dan and the paper guys and girls I see on this flatness and I dream up full-bodied lives for them, based on what I wanna be and not so much what they really are, for I don't know that, don't know that at all. I wanna be in Buffalo, in some place, in all places except in no place. I click through link after link on Dan, his friends, dreaming up romantic lives and runaway stories. And I wonder and wonder, blurring reality and dreams. And I wanna be loving my friends too, like all that I imagine.

Today is Sunday, if I'm not at tennis, I spend it with my thoughts - in this way as a friend of mine would say I am a self-centred person. I went through some old books today and I came across a map of Malaysia. I realize whenever I see such a map, I recall the little days wending up the old highways, those days when I was but little.

I read an issue of The Economist recently, they write well and they had a obituary for Christopher Nolan, will see if I can transcribe it here sometime. Also the New York Times Magazine writers do brilliantly too.

Monday, December 07, 2009

She'll be coming round the mountain

The original thought for this post happened on 12/29/08.

Two months before, I had bought a beautiful Hallstatt jigsaw of a picture. Maybe it's the mountain in Hallstatt she's coming around.

When I was in Frederick, there was a time I'd sent my Wrangler to the garage -- that was at the start of last year's winter when the jeep was locked out. So I was walking in frederick town at night to the bus, how pretty it seemed then, after my swim at the Y, the lights by the windows.

I don't know why I had thought of this: everybody's a hypocrite -- in Chinese, this would be ren ren dou shi wei jun zi.

I had this random thought too: where do magicians hide their pigeons?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Perhaps this doesn't matter anymore

To all past, present and future readers:

Blogs may be for different things. For me, I write sometimes to let others know my thoughts in an anonymous sort of way. There are times when I feel the need to write my thoughts here and have somebody else read them at random, but there are other times and other thoughts that I could only keep to myself (and I write them in my own diary sometimes).

Sometimes, things change over time too. Here I want to let you know that one such post has changed today. In May 2006, I posted one story entitled "If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things", relating the true account of how a few events over the course of a few months had changed my life profoundly. I still continue to relive them, and I do think it is so much a part of me that I will continue to do so. But it is a private account, one that needed an anonymous airing -- yet it is a private one, and today I have tucked it away.

Also, I browsed through some of my posts back in the early part of 2006 -- some of them seem so absurd now!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ich sehe die dinge so wie sie sind

Some thoughts that need more writing:

Man soll nie nie sagen

Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train

Und andere, d'autres

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today's another day I can't swim because it's threatening thunderstorms. It's going to be three days I haven't swum. I shall have to do my "perfect" pushups at home -- which aren't quite the same as swimming. I want to swim! I'm going to work on my body, storm or not.

I've been looking at homes in Buffalo and Amherst. I want to go there someday and I tell myself I will. This will be in, say, ten years, though. And I'm daydreaming now but it seems so real. Why are the homes in North Bailey so much less than other Amherst homes? I look at other neighborhoods around the university and in parts of Buffalo such as Allentown, too.

I also want to start learning french again in addition to the german classes I'm taking right now, but I'm not sure if that is wise in terms of time. Besides the exercise, fitness, the tennis, learning languages is my joy. I've got this book with pictures and a list of my joyful interests -- it is not my intention to do everything at once but I sometimes imagine about that.

I read gay news and gay life websites everyday and I wonder what I can do. What can I do and what do I want to do?

I was planning to upload a photo and say I got the photo above from the outsports website, but it is not letting me for some reason.

Update (11/19): I figured it out. So there's the picture. And then, I wonder sometimes if I'm a little enchanted, so many people say mean things about Buffalo. But I'm in love, and love's beauty will save the world and will make Buffalo a beautiful, lovely place.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tennis reflection II

I need to hit more cleanly on my forehand and not let the grip twist around in my hand.

The serve is hard to get right on my own being as complex as it is. I'm getting the hang of the footwork for the serve now. The toss and the swing needs a lot of work.

I'm more aware of my footwork, the split step now.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Swimming reflection I

Today I realized I haven't improved my swimming much, as my speed in the water is still the same, and slower than competition. I am trying not to drop my elbows, but I don't know if I am actually doing it or not.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tennis reflection I

Today I played my first real tennis after writing the last note on improving my tennis.

I think I made some improvements today.

I had the chance to only practise two aspects today, the forehand and the backhand. I only did a few volleys, but more of that later. But maybe I should also consider probably the key improvement, the footwork and the split step, too.

The backhand was much better. I leaned into the shot. The racquet head take-back was improved. The preparation of the feet was better, and I was able to bend for the low shots and not fall back too much on the deep or high shots, though this needs more improvement. As a result I was more consistent and had increased power as well.

I made a conscious effort to impart more horizontal action on the ball on my forehand. I thought I made more shots than before, but I know that the improvement was not as marked as the backhand. I think that on the low shots, I definitely need to use more horizontal action, but the trick is to do that with spin as well -- I definitely need some practise on that. On the high shots, I can definitely hit a deep shot with spin, but I must make sure not to overhit the spin and cause the racquet to twist in my hands (that happens on the low shots too if I use the wrong technique). Also if the shot comes at me fast, I must make sure to use the right swinging motion. I should make sure to go under the ball so it clears the net, but not use too much spin.

On the volleys, I strained my knee. And that's because of my poor footwork. This really highlights how important the split step is, and I made sure I used the split step after it happened. Footwork, the split step, they are indeed the foundation, and I think much of my improvement is due to that.

Also I'm thinking about language lessons, maybe after I have my books again.

My tennis partners have been my friends pretty much, but what happens when they are not around? Who can I play tennis with, I wonder.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surfing for tennis and over-singing

I think the national anthem in the USA is over-played, over-sung, over-performed. When I googled this idea and found an article on this (the writer had a different take on why he thought so), there were a bunch of typically nasty comments. But I highlight two comments (yes, two) that were on my side.

"I agree with Moore 100%. Save the national anthem for more appropriate times; like limiting it to the beginning of Championship series or the likes of an season opening game, parades, etc.

It's so over used that it's lost it's reverence. How many times do the players start walking around before the song is done. It gets lost in all the pregame hype. And Tv networks have gone to televising it at the beginning of a series and at the start of potential close out games.

If you want the National Anthem to have reverence, treat it so, not like the drinking song it's tune originated from and as it's now degraded by all the drunk and methed out fans of today.

And, yeah, I could go into how the Star Spangled Banner is used to condition all you to the hoo-ah of the war machine, but that's another story. For now I agree with most here that there's a need for a revered national anthem - so let's use it appropriately."

"I see a bunch of morons claiming the writer is anti-American and a liberal commie for not wanting the national anthem before sporting events anymore.

I love America and everything about it, but frankly I am a bit annoyed at how frequently the national anthem is played. Don't get me wrong, I understand what it means and where it comes from, but do we really need to play the anthem before a whiffle ball game?

Plus, only 67% of the population knows the lyrics.

If you people think the writer is an anti-American liberal commie for writing his comments, wow just get out of my country, there's enough retards in it already."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Trying to improve my tennis

I am discovering all the errors in my tennis technique and starting to fix them bit by bit.

To get the correct leg action on my serve, I need to put my weight on my right leg and take off on it during the upswing.

For my volleys, I need to adopt the proper preparation stance and make cross-steps to get to the ball. I need to grip my racket tight and keep my wrist steady as I make the volley

My forehand needs a stronger horizontal motion so that I can get good depth on my shots while imparting good spin on the ball. I need to make sure my grip is steady. Sometimes the handle turns in my hand. That is because I mistakenly grip it a little too extremely on switching back to a forehand grip in the middle of the rally.

I need to make sure I hit my backhands through the shot everytime, like I do when I am properly set up so that I don't end up getting jammed on the shot. Sometimes I also get jammed due to a lack of confidence on the shot. If I get my feet ready and adopt the right stance, posture and body weight balance, I can hit through the shot well.

I just read a little and saw a short clip on the split-step. Basically the split-step is a hop and putting the two feet close together and then quickly widening the stance again. This is good footwork preparation for the shot.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I think it's that way, but I can't remember

Originally drafted 1/25/09.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do you sometimes?

When you're out with really old friends (and perhaps particularly of the singapore variety), do you sometimes get carried away? Maybe because you were once really close, but now there's some awkwardness and you haven't seen them in a long time, and you try to be funny too hard and say silly things? Or try too hard to get your point across?

Do you sometimes say things and then forget what said during conversations?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Le bizarre du monde

Interesting article in the Advocate today about a notorious homophobe from Singapore being invited to NYU of all places. I understand where some of the comments come from and express dismay at and would protest NYU's decision. This aside, I couldn't help but entertain the thought that not a few commenters do not realize that such close-minded people exist in all countries and blanket labels are misleading.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Le Chinois

"Transactional" can be a word to describe the Singaporean mentality.

Not totally related: Since coming back to Singapore a month ago, I feel I have adjusted my outward behavior somewhat in tune with the people here. The pre-occupation of conversation with financial rat races, the rather conservative, non-confrontational social mindset.

I think to some extent one can modify his external persona without really changing his inner personality. To some extent, though at some point the persona begins to overtake the personality.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I live in a small walk-up condominium block in a leafy Singapore neighborhood popular with expatriates. This morning when I was downstairs on my way to the local store to buy the morning newspapers, I spotted a neighbor of mine I haven't seen before without his shirt. He had tanned skin, blond hair and hunky muscles. He was a little far away when I spotted him and was gone in a flash. Saturday party. So that's one of my neighbors.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Searching for a pool in Singapore

I just moved back from the states to the equatorial island of Singapore due to the unfortunate loss of my job owing to the recession. My home is in the southwest-central part of the island (to be quite exact). I love the many beautiful big trees here. I don't think I can call anywhere else in Singapore home.

I've been swimming for the past couple of weeks or so at the public pool near my home. I'm not used to the number of people, the lack of lane lines, the stifling temperature and salinity of the water, and I didn't think I'd say this, but I miss the pools in Frederick. Today some lanes were blocked off halfway during my swim and I decided to get out rather than squeeze. I drove myself to the another pool somewhat farther away just to take a look but that didn't seem any better on a regular day.

Also, I need to get back to swimming better. I left Frederick with my stand-in coach saying I have a nice freestyle. I need to get back to being smooth with the stroke.

I think I'll stay with the first pool nearest my home and try to get better over there.

There's this nice-looking dude with the works who swims pretty well. He got lucky today swimming beside the only lane line, and so he stayed when I left. Maybe next time I can get lucky too.

I sat with my little baby nephew at the balcony tonight and looked outside for a while together. He can't talk coherently but can say some simple words badly. We pointed out cars, vans, taxis, trees, and said hallo and bye to whoever happened to come within view.

I'm still searching for a job. I was filling in an application form but had to put it aside halfway. I should continue that tomorrow and work a little harder maybe. Tonight I caught a little of Wimby tennis on a very choppy connection. I don't have sports cable TV here and don't think I'll get it soon, so this works for now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My tennis article

I'm a recreational tennis player with a healthy amount of interest in tennis technique. Last night I picked up a racquet on a court again after a long time. I've also thought about writing a personal article on some techniques that need particular attention so that I may reach a consistent level of tennis.

It starts with the footwork. Take small, quick, smooth steps, get into the correct stance, posture and position, and bend the knees to reach low balls. Be sure to use the correct grip and achieve consistency by holding the neck of the racquet with the left arm and using it to help with grip changes. In the execution of the forehand and backhand, remember to get under the ball and follow through above the shoulders in a smooth, natural stroke. Release the racquet neck with the right timing when hitting the backhand to hit a smooth stroke. Toss the ball consistently by reaching to the sky with the tossing arm and hit the serve with some spin. Volley the ball by holding the wrist steady, keeping the eyes open and taking a shuffle or side step.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Going home

Haven't written for some time. I'm going home tomorrow. My visa to the US is expiring and I am saying goodbye for now. Goodbye to the swimming pools in Frederick and my friends here. I will see you in Singapore. Will write again.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Beauty will save the world