Sunday, March 04, 2007


Four posts today!

Above is General Lafayette standing tall and proud outside the White House. We were there (Mom and I) a little less than two months ago.

Then there's Lafayette, Indiana, Christmas Parade 2006.

There's my friends still in Purdue, they saw the hot boys in the pool with me!

Makoto, in the Palisades district of D.C., a very authentic Japanese restaurant. Mom and I were mad about it when we were there. Go for the Japanese experience and for the mouth-watering food, but not for the cramp atmosphere. Won't be back there for some time!

Originally taken for friends who haven't seen a sheet of ice on the car window!

First snow from my apartment balcony. My own backyard (for the dogs I'm gonna have) with a nice scenic view!

Looking forward to:
-Traveling to Amsterdam, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Zurich, Interlaken, Geneva, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Paris (and a whole lot more) with a good long-time buddy of mine from home in May/June. Hopefully we'll get our tickets for Roland Garros, fulfilling a dream! Bought this lonely planet two days ago.

-Going to the art gallery with an art teacher I met at the Hood College pool. He happens to know who my boss is because they are from the same town. A nice, fatherly chap! I got to ask him, but I think I respect him and he respects me. BTW, the first guy to know I'm gay here!
-Finding time to visit Dan, and to visit my friends in Indiana. I shall go! I am confident Dan and I will meet ;-), and I will find time to go back to Indiana. Thirteen days of leave a year does not help, but hey! I have a bright smile on me now.
-Looking for organizations to join. There's the DC Aquatics Club, they seem to be very hardcore though, and there's I'm sure some others with the right people and the right interests... maybe in Baltimore. Don't fit in to the scene in DC, and wanting too much to fit in = bad.
-Learning French, German, Spanish etc.!
-Seeing Dan, seeing my friends back home, seeing my family, writing emails and talking with them.


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